I am blessed to live in an area where I get to see all the seasons change. Before, when we lived in Texas and in Florida, there was no snow. You really do not get to appreciate change until you see the change happening right in front of your eyes.

Physically, some of us get caught up in the current season that we are living in. Whether the season is youthfulness and you don’t want to age or financially where you dare to risk going forward in your investments. But moving forward into new areas in our lives is wisdom.

People who stay caught up in the past end up with mental baggage later in life that most often lead to those “mid-life crisis”. This reminds me of the story of the fictional character “Napoleon Dynamite’s uncle” from the “Vote for Pedro” movie that was awesomely funny. Napoleon’s uncle kept watching old football plays that he did from his high school days and would dwell on what he could have become. This caused his wife to leave him and he ended up a sad and desperate man. He even went online to purchase a time machine! It was not until he saw the folly in his ways towards the end of the movie that his wife came back and the outlook seemed that it would be bright for him again.

When you can’t help but see Summer turn into Fall, Fall into Winter, and then Winter into Spring- you are forced to understand that all things serve a purpose for its time. When that purpose is over, time moves forward into a new purpose for the next season. The problem with people who stay in an old season in life is that time still moves forward whether they move forward in their minds or not. The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us that “there is a time and season for all things”. When we recognize and understand the wisdom in this, we learn to except each seasons greatness and tribulations with full faith that HaShem allows everything to help benefit the maturity of our souls.

There is a season to grow and mature, just as there is a season of silence and pain. There are also seasons of youth and a season of aging as well as a season to work and a season to rest. When we try to hold on to one season instead of moving forward into the next, we miss out on the blessing that Adonai has for us. In addition to this, we also miss out on the lesson that He was trying to teach us during that particular season.

I pray that as the Winter season approaches, that we learn to live in this moment and not dwell on what Summer or Fall could have brought us. I pray that spiritually we move forward in all areas in our lives and that we stop to smell the roses in each season that HaShem allows us to experience while we are on this earth before our journey is over so that we do not live in regret.