Tehillim (Psalms) — the timeless words of King David — have been a source of inspiration and a refuge from distress and hopelessness for both Jew and non-Jew for generations. These timeless words can provide consolation and inner strength, encouragement and hope when facing life’s challenges. They can be the means by which we express our gratitude and appreciation for all of His many “gifts” to us. By thanking Him, these “gifts” are no longer temporal and material but become spiritual assets that nourish our lives.

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin in his book “Growing Through Tehillim” presents us with the keys to Tehillim’s hidden treasures. One of those keys being that we acknowledge that He is the source of Creation and of everything that exists. By reciting the Psalms daily we open our hearts and minds to this awareness with each breath we take. The more we live with this concept the more joy and gratitude we will experience in our lives. The Psalms also help us to better express ourselves to G-D when we are faced with difficult and trying situations than our own words. The author focuses on a selection of verses from various Psalms with the hope that the reader will gain a greater understanding of their meaning in one’s life. He provides analyses of the verses along with practical suggestions on how to implement their message in our daily lives. There are anecdotes included illustrating how sage advice helped people achieve success, also there is an index citing Psalms to turn to in time of difficulty.

I personally use this on a daily basis as I read the Psalms and have found to be a valuable tool for enhancing my understanding of the Psalms. My only disappointment is that not all of the Psalms were included. But as the author pointed out this book was meant to serve as a model as we delve into the treasures that can be found in other verses of Psalms. As each of us continues to grow through Tehillim, your own words, thoughts and actions will direct you on the proper path.