PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD, ARCHIVE OR DISTRIBUTE, whether digital or transcript, OUR LIVE STREAM OR PAST RECORDINGS ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE OTHER THAN CMY.ON.CA without getting approval from Congregation Melech Yisrael (CMY).

CMY has a YouTube account that displays certain past video teachings for those who would like to view past messages. We would like to maintain the integrity of our ministry and keep track of our resources. When other people/ministries upload, archive and distribute our recordings without our permission – even when done in love, it takes away from our ministry goals, especially if the site you are adding us on is also taking donations or if your ministry or site has other teachers/teachings that we do not endorse or do not want to get mixed up in, it can confuse those who are watching. It is better to just send people to our YouTube channel or CMY.ON.CASo if you would like to add our ministry and its recordings to your website or to use any other way, please email us at to fill out a request form.

If approved, you will have certain restrictions which you must maintain in order to keep our ministry on your site, including stating a disclaimer that you do not represent and are not affiliated with CMY.  

This cease of action does not include those websites who are helping to broadcast in places around the world that lack access to our live stream for permission for this type of usage, please contact us for a form as well. 

Thank you for continued support and for understanding our requests at this time.