After rewinding the Torah back to the beginning we learn about the Creation story. As intriguing as the Creation story is many people make the mistake by taking the concepts of the Creation story literal and fail to understand the deeper meaning behind the Creation story.

Rabbi Chaim Volozhin explained that the anthropomorphic terms of G-d in Scripture is based on our perception of G-d. However these terms should not be taken literally. Rather the anthropomorphic descriptions of G-d is purely in terms of His connection to the spiritual worlds. This concept is based upon man being created in G-d’s image. Thus, man himself through his soul in arrangement and unified inter-connectivity of his joints, limbs, and sinews, is a microcosm of G-d’s body.

If you be a serious student of G-d’s Word please join R’ Yehezqel as he explains the the Torah’s concept of the Body of G-d.