Bridging the Gap

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Between Two Communities...

We consider ourself more then just a congregation; we are a living, vibrant community of believers, with many services and activities taking place throughout the year. Our uniqueness is that we are both Jew and non-Jew who are bound together in the worship of our Moshiach in the customs and traditions of the Torah, while maintaining the power and liberty of the Ruach HaKodesh. We have a traditional Shabbat service and during service times, the children meet downstairs for class. When service is over, we all fellowship during oneg. Come and see for yourself why we worship as we do. Join us each week to hear R' Yehezqel's teaching of the Torah as he builds bridges between two worlds and unites us all in our faith and walk.

We Pride Ourselves In Teaching our Community

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To Live a Jewish Lifestyle

CMY is a community of believers who consider themselves family. We pride ourselves in our ability to teach our congregation how to apply Torah Principles to their daily lives and how to take the Words being heard and integrate them into each individual lifestyle. We offer classes throughout the year that help reinforce this learning so that those who hear the Word, will also become doers of the Word as well.

Being a Light to our Jewish Brethren

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Our Mission

Our congregation have been a cornerstone of Messianic Jewish Toronto for the past 40 years. We are a warm, welcoming community dedicated to serving the Jewish community of North York and beyond.

Congregation Melech Yisrael (Kehilat Melech Yisrael) was formed for the purpose of establishing a traditional and culturally Jewish setting reflecting the teachings of our Rebbe, Y’shua HaNotzri. By reflecting the teachings of Y’shua our community was also designed to be uniquely Jewish in both expression and lifestyle. - CMY Mission Statement

This means that Jewish people are free to maintain their heritage, culture, and lifestyle. Non-Jews who express a desire to join our community must seek counsel through the leadership. Non-Jews are welcomed to attend our services, but in order to become a part of our community, they must demonstrate their commitment by adjusting their lifestyle to reflect the posture of our community in calling and mandate.

Our Roots as Canada's

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Oldest Messianic Jewish Synagogue

Founded in 1976, Kehilat Melech Yisrael is Canada’s oldest Messianic Synagogue. The shul was founded by Dr. Edward Daniel Brotsky. Dr. Brotsky was born in Montréal, Québec to Orthodox Jewish parents from the Ukraine. In 1977, Melech Yisrael merged with Beth Mashiach lead by Rev. Hans Vanderwerff. As a pioneer in the Messianic Jewish movement in Canada, Rev. Vanderwerff moved from Ottawa to Toronto to fulfill his call in Messianic Judaism. As Beth Mashiach and Melech Yisrael emerged, Dr. Brotsky and Rev. Vanderwerff agreed to keep the name Melech Yisrael and in 1979 the shul was incorporated as: Melech Yisrael of Toronto. After serving Melech Yisrael for 15 years, Rev. Vanderwerff was replaced by R’ Ya’aqov Farber. Like Dr. Brotsky, R’ Farber was born in Montréal, Québec to an Orthodox Jewish family who emigrated from the Ukraine. Joined with his wife Elisheva from South Florida, R’ Farber served as the Rosh Kehilah of Melech Yisrael for 20 years. In 2014, R’ Farber passed the position of Rosh Kehilah onto R’ Yehezqel Italki Malinconico. Born in Monmouth County New Jersey to anousim parents from Sardina, R’ Malinconico is joined with his wife Keturah from Houston, Texas with their three children.

Visitor's Information

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About our Lifestyle, Etiquette & Community Guidelines

We are located right in the middle of Jewish Toronto in North York. Our shul is surrounded by many great kosher delis, restaurants, parks and schools. We are also walking distance from the Yorkdale mall and subway/bus line. Please click on this link which takes you to our Shul Visitor's Information which you can find information about parking, modesty codes, kosher lifestyle and information for parents with children.